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If chronic pain interferes with your ability to work or stay active, an epidural injection may be an effective solution. At Maryland Sports, Spine and Musculoskeletal Institute in Pasadena, Maryland, Justin Waltrous, MD, creates custom treatment plans to manage chronic pain from spinal injuries or nerve damage. He may recommend epidural injections as part of your treatment to help restore your quality of life. Find out if epidural injections can address your pain by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.

Epidural Injection Q & A

What is an epidural injection?

An epidural injection is a treatment option for chronic pain and inflammation. The treatment is a combination of anesthetic medicines, steroids, and anti-inflammatories that Dr. Waltrous injects into the epidural space, the outer part of the spinal canal.

Epidural injections can quickly reduce pain and inflammation around the spinal nerves and other surrounding nerves. This reduction can aid in the healing of an injury and prevent the need for surgical intervention.

Why would I need an epidural injection?

There are a number of conditions that cause chronic pain and lead to mobility issues. Dr. Waltrous may recommend an epidural injection as part of your treatment plan for your injury.

Epidural injections may be beneficial for relieving pain and inflammation from conditions like:

  • Bone spurs
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Spinal nerve injuries

After a review of your medical history and the severity of your condition, Dr. Waltrous can determine if epidural injections will be useful in managing your pain and aiding in the healing process.

What can I expect during an epidural injection?

To ensure the injections are going into the correct area of the spinal canal, Dr. Waltrous uses imaging guidance such as fluoroscopy, or live X-ray, during the injection procedure. He may use a topical numbing cream to prevent discomfort during your injection.

After the injection, the medications move quickly through the epidural space to cover the spinal nerves. You may experience immediate pain relief after the procedure, although it can take up to 48 hours to achieve maximum results.

For some, an epidural injection can cause numbness or tingling that interferes with walking on your own. Dr. Waltrous recommends that you limit your activities for the rest of the day to prevent falls. You should be able to return to work or your usual routine the next day.

Everyone experiences different degrees of pain relief after an injection. You may enjoy the benefits of the treatment for several weeks or several months after your injection, depending on the nature of your injury. If your initial treatment is successful, Dr. Waltrous can provide additional injections to maximize pain relief in the long term.

To learn more about the benefits of epidural injection, schedule a consultation at Maryland Sports, Spine and Musculoskeletal Institute online or by phone today.

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