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Tendinopathy is a painful condition that makes it difficult to stay active. As an experienced physical medicine specialist, Justin Waltrous, MD, understands how frustrating tendinopathy pain can be. He offers custom treatment plans for tendinopathy at Maryland Sports, Spine and Musculoskeletal Institute in Pasadena, Maryland, to alleviate your pain and help you get back to your favorite activities. Using on-site diagnostic testing, Dr. Waltrous can provide you with answers at your consultation, so treatment can begin as soon as possible. Schedule a consultation online or by phone today to learn more about tendinopathy treatments.

Tendinopathy Q & A

What is tendinopathy?

Your tendons are rope-like structures that connect your bones and muscles. These tissues contain a collagen protein, and when this protein breaks down due to repetitive motions or overuse, it results in tendinopathy.

Tendinopathy is a chronically painful condition that causes a persistent burning type of pain. The condition differs from another common tendon condition, known as tendinitis. Tendinopathy occurs because of a degeneration of collagen protein that makes up the tendon, while tendinitis involves inflammation of the tendon.

Tendinopathy can affect any of your tendons but is more common in your:

  • Hamstrings
  • Rotator cuff
  • Knee tendon
  • Achilles tendon

While tendinopathy is a common sports-related injury, it can also occur due to aging. Without proper treatment, this condition can result in tendinitis.

How is tendinopathy diagnosed?

Dr. Waltrous performs a comprehensive review of your medical history and the symptoms you experience to determine the cause of your pain. Often, after a physical examination and a discussion of your activities, he can determine if your pain relates to a tendon injury.

To confirm a diagnosis, Dr. Waltrous offers the convenience of on-site imaging tests like ultrasounds and X-rays. He can get a closer look at the structure of your tendon to determine if your pain is due to inflammation caused by tendinitis or if it relates to tendinopathy.

What treatment options are available for tendinopathy?

Because inflammation is rarely a factor in tendinopathy, common therapies like steroid injections aren’t effective in treatment. Dr. Waltrous may initially recommend plenty of rest to avoid a worsening of your injury and pain. Ice therapy can be effective at controlling pain and you may wish to take over-the-counter medications to stay comfortable.

For many, physical therapy is highly effective at rebuilding the strength in the muscle supporting your tendons. Range-of-motion exercises can also improve your flexibility and overall functionality.

Dr. Waltrous also provides guidance for preventing your injury from worsening, especially if you play sports that require repetitive motions. He can give you resources to limit your risk for re-injuring the tendon and prevent new tendon-related injuries.

If you have unexplained burning pain surrounding a tendon, don’t delay treatment. Schedule a consultation online or by phone today at Maryland Sports, Spine and Musculoskeletal Institute.

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